Magnetic car signs are here to stay!

Magnetic signs are used on vehicles for a variety of reasons these days. They can be used to advertise for businesses, for identification in official use by the government, for decoration, or for customization by private users. There are many benefits to using magnets instead of other methods to decorate or advertise on a vehicle. For starters, magnetized signs are neither permanent nor expensive. Before the widespread use of car magnets, paint and bumper stickers were mostly how people and businesses got their message onto the bumper or the door of a car or truck. Painting a vehicle is both permanent and expensive. It does look great when done correctly, but if done incorrectly, it can be very costly to remove or do over. Painting a large vehicle fleet is a major expense. Plus any vehicle with a custom paint job is worth much less when it is time to sell or trade it in. Also, if the vehicle goes down for repairs and the employee is driving a rental car, they are without their advertising. So, while custom paint will always be the right method for some customers, many more are serviced by the bumper sticker, vinyl car stickers, and now the total car wrap. While less expensive to apply than paint, wraps and large stickers are basically permanent installations, and are not easy or cheap to remove. A basic bumper sticker is cheap and easy to put on, but often can leave residue or damaged paint behind when it’s time to remove. Large vinyl or plastic wraps can be a very visually striking way to advertise a business or hobby, however it is a large undertaking better left to a professional service, which means not only expense, but time lost as well while the vehicle is being wrapped. Also, in case of an accident, that expensive wrap will most likely have to be completely redone. By contrast, it only takes a second to install or remove a car magnet sign and they cause no damage when doing so. Magnets can go with the employee when they fly to another city for a meeting, they can put them on a rental car or their own private vehicle, or remove them easily when changing vehicles.

Businesses, both small and large jumped on the car magnet market immediately. One fantastic use of the car magnet is the small business owner. Landscapers, maid services, mobile car detailers and many others have taken advantage of the nearly free advertising that car magnets provide.

Government use of car magnets has been booming. Military and civilian contractors alike use them as vehicle identifiers while on a military installation. Let’s say an Army general is flying in from another location and needs a ride across the base, but all they have are plain vehicles in their motor pool. A savvy Sergeant can slap magnetic stars on the fenders and save an embarrassing moment with the visiting 3 star!

Not only do businesses and the government use them, but private owners see the utility and function in vehicle magnets as well. Schools have parents put them on their car so that car riding students go home safely, and of course parents tout their child’s grades, athlete status and college of choice all the time with car magnets. Similarly, military branches have dozens of designs so that past, present and families of military members can brag about their branch, unit or other association. Lots of car magnets find their way onto the back of minivans, SUVs and hybrids in the mall parking lots of America with baseball, football, even swim team names and logos. Even “Baby on Board” magnetic car signs have been spotted in use by those too savvy to block critical window space with a suction cup sign. Many sports fans have purchased their favorite teams logo and mascot on magnetic signs for cars.

Although some cars and light trucks out there have gone to aluminum, plastic and other materials, the vast majority of vehicles still use panels made of steel, especially on the door, quarter panel and truck areas, where many car magnet signs find themselves located. Even new trucks touted as all aluminum still usually have steel tailgates for durability. As manufacturing the custom car magnets has increased, so have the costs to do so come down drastically, resulting in a market with many vendors who make vehicle magnets for business, school, government and private usage. Chances are good that you might already have an automobile magnet on your car already! If not, the next time you are shopping you should look into one to advertise your business, identify your vehicle, promote your favorite team, or simply to have fun!