Magnetic car signs are here to stay!

Magnetic signs are used on vehicles for a variety of reasons these days. They can be used to advertise for businesses, for identification in official use by the government, for decoration, or for customization by private users. There are many benefits to using magnets instead of other methods to decorate or advertise on a vehicle. […]

A bit of deeper information on Truck Magnets

Car magnet signs are offered by ordering from a manufacturing company, handmade by local craftsmen/craftswomen, or easily order online. Signs can be ordered in pretty much any shape and style and size you want, saying practically anything you want to be said or any design you want. However, Choosing which place you get them can […]

The revolution of car magnets

 Magnetic signs for cars, better known as “Bumper Stickers” are typically defined as a label, sticker, or magnet with a message or photograph of some sort, designed to attach to the bumper of a vehicle, bicycle, or other vehicular objects. Intended to display whatever you chose to occupants of other vehicles and pedestrians. Bumper stickers […]

Getting a Makeover

We are changing the topic of Buddhist Books, but we will still be hoping to keep our previous userbase. Not everyone will want to keep following us, but at the same time, we will be gaining many new followers as well. We haven’t yet decided what we’ll be about in the future, but that should […]