Magnetic car signs are here to stay!

Magnetic signs are used on vehicles for a variety of reasons these days. They can be used to advertise for businesses, for identification in official use by the government, for decoration, or for customization by private users. There are many benefits to using magnets instead of other methods to decorate or advertise on a vehicle. For starters, magnetized signs are neither permanent nor expensive. Before the widespread use of car magnets, paint and bumper stickers were mostly how people and businesses got their message onto the bumper or the door of a car or truck. Painting a vehicle is both permanent and expensive. It does look great when done correctly, but if done incorrectly, it can be very costly to remove or do over. Painting a large vehicle fleet is a major expense. Plus any vehicle with a custom paint job is worth much less when it is time to sell or trade it in. Also, if the vehicle goes down for repairs and the employee is driving a rental car, they are without their advertising. So, while custom paint will always be the right method for some customers, many more are serviced by the bumper sticker, vinyl car stickers, and now the total car wrap. While less expensive to apply than paint, wraps and large stickers are basically permanent installations, and are not easy or cheap to remove. A basic bumper sticker is cheap and easy to put on, but often can leave residue or damaged paint behind when it’s time to remove. Large vinyl or plastic wraps can be a very visually striking way to advertise a business or hobby, however it is a large undertaking better left to a professional service, which means not only expense, but time lost as well while the vehicle is being wrapped. Also, in case of an accident, that expensive wrap will most likely have to be completely redone. By contrast, it only takes a second to install or remove a car magnet sign and they cause no damage when doing so. Magnets can go with the employee when they fly to another city for a meeting, they can put them on a rental car or their own private vehicle, or remove them easily when changing vehicles.

Businesses, both small and large jumped on the car magnet market immediately. One fantastic use of the car magnet is the small business owner. Landscapers, maid services, mobile car detailers and many others have taken advantage of the nearly free advertising that car magnets provide.

Government use of car magnets has been booming. Military and civilian contractors alike use them as vehicle identifiers while on a military installation. Let’s say an Army general is flying in from another location and needs a ride across the base, but all they have are plain vehicles in their motor pool. A savvy Sergeant can slap magnetic stars on the fenders and save an embarrassing moment with the visiting 3 star!

Not only do businesses and the government use them, but private owners see the utility and function in vehicle magnets as well. Schools have parents put them on their car so that car riding students go home safely, and of course parents tout their child’s grades, athlete status and college of choice all the time with car magnets. Similarly, military branches have dozens of designs so that past, present and families of military members can brag about their branch, unit or other association. Lots of car magnets find their way onto the back of minivans, SUVs and hybrids in the mall parking lots of America with baseball, football, even swim team names and logos. Even “Baby on Board” magnetic car signs have been spotted in use by those too savvy to block critical window space with a suction cup sign. Many sports fans have purchased their favorite teams logo and mascot on magnetic signs for cars.

Although some cars and light trucks out there have gone to aluminum, plastic and other materials, the vast majority of vehicles still use panels made of steel, especially on the door, quarter panel and truck areas, where many car magnet signs find themselves located. Even new trucks touted as all aluminum still usually have steel tailgates for durability. As manufacturing the custom car magnets has increased, so have the costs to do so come down drastically, resulting in a market with many vendors who make vehicle magnets for business, school, government and private usage. Chances are good that you might already have an automobile magnet on your car already! If not, the next time you are shopping you should look into one to advertise your business, identify your vehicle, promote your favorite team, or simply to have fun!

A bit of deeper information on Truck Magnets

Car magnet signs are offered by ordering from a manufacturing company, handmade by local craftsmen/craftswomen, or easily order online. Signs can be ordered in pretty much any shape and style and size you want, saying practically anything you want to be said or any design you want. However, Choosing which place you get them can be tricky given the fact that prices are so expensive with a lot these days. Any place that you by vehicle magnets has its own price scale so you have to look for deals, just like with any other purchase. If you run your own business and need magnetic car signs for your car or your company cars this can run you into a good bit of money quickly. Now magnetic car signs are a big help in advertizement so often people think the price is worth it. Now to be honest my preference is to buy from local craftsmen to help support the local community. There are times though that your order may just too big for one person and then at that point the price may deter you but going with a manufacturing company may be best since scaling is easier and you might get more bang for your buck.

When taking the time to look into magnetized signs I’m noticing that the options are so wide. Between Vehicle magnets and custom car magnets and magnetic signs etc. Not to mention you have the personal magnets for cars like the cancer ribbons or funny sayings. You have options to add custom pictures of your own, choose your colors, have a funny saying that you like added to it or customize your business information on it to display it on your automobile magnet. I was browsing Facebook Market place and I see that Amazon advertises Full-size magnetic signs for cars in 3 different sizes. The prices are about 10 dollar difference without shipping included. In which case the shipping could also big a big thing to take into consideration. If you need it sooner rather than later a high shipping could speed it up may not be a bad thing to consider however keeping an eye out for a better deal for faster shipping at a lower cost has always been my way to go.

Another very important factor in picking your supplier is who can make your magnetic signs is making sure the magnet is thick enough to ensure the magnet can safely travel at high velocity. Apparently, as I have just learned there is a better way to take care of your car magnetics if you remove the magnet and store it on a flat steel surface or roll it up it helps that life of your magnet. So when not in use you should also have a place to properly store your magnets. Also before you put the magnet on your car clean the area you apply it to. It helps get a better grip when there is nothing in the way.

Although I am a big local craft maker fan I am also a fan of Vistaprint. It has 5 different size options and the price is rather comfortable at 12.95 without shipping. Considering its an online company there is no issue ordering as many as you may need. The shipping is pretty fast as well. You do have to think about typos. When being mass-produced in large quantities one typo leads to lots of lost products or advertisements.

Now when you are buying a custom car magnet to show you are in support of something or that your a doggy lover or a memorial car magnet to show remembrance. The prices go down a bit. Like for instance, there are adds on Facebook for custom magnets to advertise your child’s hobby. I saw a magnet that said “I sell girl scout cookies” I have a daughter and I would definitely use that if she were to get into girl scouts. The best part of that is the sale was only $5.00 that is incredible. I can just imagine how that would help out the cookie sales.

So basically when and if you’re in the market for custom car magnets taking some time to really look at your options before making a decision. Your decision could not only save you a lot of money for your business or just your wallet and also give you a lot better options to use for the decor of your choice. Taking that time can take you along way!

The revolution of car magnets

 Magnetic signs for cars, better known as “Bumper Stickers” are typically defined as a label, sticker, or magnet with a message or photograph of some sort, designed to attach to the bumper of a vehicle, bicycle, or other vehicular objects. Intended to display whatever you chose to occupants of other vehicles and pedestrians. Bumper stickers provide a way to display who you are on a personal level, to others driving on the road and passersby. These magnetic car signs can be made in a variety of forms, ranging from the most popular categories: religion, sports, politics, ethnicity, humor, commercial advertising, and so much more. bumper stickers are used widely around the world, on all makes and models. Though the united states have taken this fad and grew it enormously, some countries such as the United Kingdom have opted out of the experience.

Before car magnet signs came about, individuals sought out new and exciting ways to display themselves to the general public through their “vehicles”, which at that time were most often horse-drawn carriages. During the horse and buggy era, businesses and advertisers would etch their information info horsefly nets and drape it over the back of the buggy for the wind to catch & carry their message to the public eye. Shortly after, the coming about of engine run automobiles, advertisers and business owners would weld their business information onto varying sized slats of metal and wire it to the bumpers of their vehicle. Among this timeframe a competing Missouri man with fame on his mind, discovered the ability to transfer a drawing or text from paper to window, simply by wetting the paper on the glass surface using a sponge of some sort. Thus, the infatuation with custom car magnets and stickers began!

A recent study has shown that oddly enough- the more vehicle magnets and stickers you have, the more likely you are to be an aggressive driver, entailing speeding, swerving, and vehicle accidents in general. Studies have linked multiple varieties of bumper stickers and magnets to a broad range of people, relative to the country tag bumper magnet being linked to drivers who regularly cross international borders, and the religion magnets being linked to people who often drive slower than the speed limit. With our technological abilities changing, growing and enhancing, many people are now using magnetic signs for cars to display relevant information about the passengers to others on the road. Examples include signs with text reading “Caution- Child Aboard”, “Caution- Disabled Driver”, or “Caution- Animals Inside”. Many people are conforming to the idea of displaying medical information through their car magnets such as “Caution; Type 1 Diabetic”, “Caution- Epileptic Passenger”, or “Caution- Child with Autism, Down Syndrome, or Deaf.” These magnets can sometimes be a difference between life & death in the event of a traumatic accident resulting in injury.

The automobile magnet as we know it today is made with a traditional 1 cm thick magnets designed to cling to your bumper. Believe it or not, they were not always as convenient as we know them today. Jumping back to the World War II era, bumper stickers were being produced with regular paper and a thick layer of brushed on the liquid adhesive. As the demand grew, so did the technical production & material usage. Customers were not pleased with the durability and quality of their stickers. They did not withstand rainy, windy, or snowy conditions. They simply withered away within a matter of days! In order to improve their idea, they introduced pressure-sensitive stickers, which had a thin layer of plastic over the top. This new idea was guaranteed to resolve their weather-related complaints, and so it did! Business boomed, the cash flow was enormous, and the love for bumper stickers grew with each day. As time went on, the sticker application slowly faded, and the vinyl/magnet combination stepped in and crushed the competition. This new magnetic bumper application could be removed, replaced, or moved anytime the driver pleased. This magnet could be placed, not only on your automobile but your bicycle, your refrigerator, your toolbox, and so many other metal surfaces.

The love for bumper stickers has grown enormously over the years, with people displaying their gender, religion, family count, politic standpoint, state of residence, pets, and so much more to the public eye. Some may argue that more personal car magnets may pose a safety risk, we bounce back with the idea that it is all anonymous. After all, what harm could magnetized signs do?

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